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Tholkappiyam leads Bernoullies phenomenon

Kumaresan, M. & Aruna, R. and Team, WORLD CLASSICAL TAMIL CONFERENCE
Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu, : Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (Codissia), Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Duration, Year & Location: 5-day Summit | June 2010, Coimbatore
Medical advance research foundation conducts research and research training on the normal and disordered processes of hearing, voice, speech, and language.An active area of research is examining the dose of vibrational exposure that human vocal folds receive during phonation. Results lead to engineered vocal fold tissues that can withstand vibrational stress. We use our voices all day long, day in and day out. Singers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, sales people, and public speakers are among those who make great demands on their voices. Unfortunately, these indi iduals are most prone to experiencing voice problems. It is believed that 7.5 million people have diseases or disorders of voice. Some of these disorders can be avoided by taking care of your voice.
We followed Tolkappiyam Pirappial section to improve the efficiency of speech with out damaging the Vocal cord.
Pirappiyal - This is a section on articulatory phonetics
The field of articulatory phonetics is a subfield of phonetics. In studying articulation, phoneticians explain how humans produce speech sounds via the interaction of different physiological structures.. It talks about pronunciation methods of the phoneme.
In a language or dialect, a phoneme is the smallest segmental unit of sound employed to form meaningful contrasts between utterances.... at the level of stomach diaphragm, larynx Larynx
The larynx , colloquially known as the voicebox, is an organ in the neck of mammals involved in protection of the trachea and sound production..., jaws, tongue position, teeth, lips and ose. The visual representation of the letters is also explainedIn hu-
man language, a phoneme is a set of phones (speech sounds or sign elements) that are cognitively equivalent. ... A diaphragm is some sort of separating membrane...
The Bernoulli Effect provides an explanation of how the vocal folds actually vibrate. It is a common misconception that the vocal folds vibrate through repetitive muscular contractions. When the vocal folds are adducted during phonation, the air stream is momentarily stopped by the vocal folds. At this point subglottic pressure begins to build up below the vocal folds. This drop in pressure then sucks the vocal folds back
together. Subglottic pressure then builds up again and the process continues. This cycle of vocal folds motion create the air compressions and rarefactions that cause sound.
Our method of prevention of voice disorder is simple. The voice should originate from lower abdomen. We teach professionally how to bring voice from the lower abdomen and how to build up sub glottic pressure and how to articulate. Our studies of voice disorders focus on determining the nature, causes, diagnosis, and prevention of these disorders. These studies lead to the development of treatments and interventions that will improve the quality of life for those who are already challenged by severe voice disorders.

Thursday, 18 June 2020

4 th paper on puberphonia published

,Dear .Dr.Alagesan

Greetings,To day 6//18/2020  I have send another paped extenetd abstract for Ethical Clearance to my parent institution Stanley Medical College. I will inform the progress.  

   I am a retired professor of ENT from Stanley Medical College in Chennai.  So far, we have treated 600 cases of Puberphonia by our new technique of pharyngeal / uvula resonance manipulation, which produces excellent results in one day. We continue, breath of fire breathing techniques for a few days to make it as a habit. We are yet to understand the science behind it.

Yours being a premier research institution in Research, I request that some of your students may be entrusted with the project of elucidating the science behind it, as it is a totally new area of research.

Herewith I am enclosing video of one of the treated patients and a copy of my publication.

4 Published papes.

1.Assess the Impact of Puberphonia in the Society - Science › ...

 May, 2019.

2.(PDF) An immediate and permanent cure for Puberphonia › amp.

3. Fast Track Treatment for Puberphonia

Kumaresan M* and Navin Bharath

ENT Surgeon, Madras University, India

*Corresponding author: M Kumaresan, ENT Surgeon, Madras University, India

Received: January 13, 2020 Published: February 05, 2020

4. New concept for uvula manipulation to treat Puberphonia, Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research

Volume 12 Issue 3 - 2020

M Kumaresan,1, Navin Bharath2,ENT, Siva ENT Hospital, India,2 ENT, Saveetha Medical College, India

Correspondence: M Kumaresan, ENT, DLO, Siva ENT Hospital, 159, Lloyds Road, Chennai-14, India, Received: March 31, 2020 | Published: June 08, 2020

Thanking you,

Prof. Dr. M. Kumaresan MS(DLO), ENT Surgeon.
Cellular / Handphone: +91 9841055774

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importance of uvula

In Uthirakosamangai, At the entrance of the main precinct, the temple features exquisite stone carvings of Yali -mythological dragon depicted with a rolling stone ball inside its mouth.Dragon flower represent the appearance of uvula inside the mouth.
Importance of uvula.
Much more than we think.

Friday, 29 May 2020

Basis of puberphonia treatment

Our treatment for pubewrphonia is based on uvula manipulation.
   Tamil language uvula trills   ; exlanation
Standard Spoken Tamil is not usually a written language. 
Tamil language have five dialects. 

1.Northern -Chennai, Kanchipuram, Tiruvannamalai and 
                   Vellore Districts
2.Central – Tiruchirappalli, Thanjavur, Cuddalore and 
                   Villupuram Districts
3.Central – Madurai Madurai
4.Southern- Ramanathapuram, Tirunelveli and Kanniyakumari 
5.Western -Salem, Dharmapuri, Coimbatore and Nilgiris 

     Phonologically, it seems clear to me that ழ் is to be grouped with r-sounds. Toḷkāppiyār gives
some very interesting phonotactic reasons for this, as he himself groups it with /r/, which we
have in sutra 95. In sutra 29 he says:
“yarala vennum puḷḷ i munnar
 mutalā keluttu ṅ akaramoṭ u tōnrum.”

     The tongue, curled back and the tip of the tongue, placed very near the roof of the mouth but not touching it. The airstream is allowed to pass through the sides of the tongue as well as in between the tip of the tongue and the roof of the mouth This sound may be described shortly as a voiced retroflex palatal

       By contrast, the specimen of Tamil given in the Principles of the International Phonetic
Association (IPA 1949:38-9), although labeled “Tirunelvalli, spoken language”, is almost
completely Literary Tamil, except for some items that are possibly the result of transcriptional
mistakes, or hypercorrections on the part of the informant. In any event, /r/ and /r/ in intervocalic
position are not phonetically distinguished in that sample even though only one instance of /r/,
i.e. ஏறவும் /eeravum/, transcribed there as [e:ravum].

        Anatomists have attempted to explain the uvula for a long time.  Galen (122-199 AD), one of the fathers of anatomy, believed that the uvula was important in speech and contributed to the beauty of the voice (Fritzell 1969).  Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519 AD) wrote that, “The uvula is the drip-stone whence drips the humor which descends from above and which falls by way of the oesophagus into the stomach.  It has no occasion to go by way of the trachea to the spiritual regions.”  This is based on the belief at the time that excess fluid from the brain and pituitary gland drained into the nasal cavity (da Vinci 1983).  While Galen believed that this fluid would drip onto the larynx to lubricate the voice and lungs, Leonardo took the opposite view, that the uvula directed this brain fluid away from the larynx and into the esophagus and on to the stomach, thus avoiding the lungs and the thoracic region where vital spirits resided.A traditional belief of the Bedouins of the southern Sinai Desert is that the uvula is the source of thirst, and its removal leads to less of a need or desire for water.  More scientific ideas of uvular function concern its role in producing certain sounds in human speech, in directing mucus from the nasal passages toward the base of the tongue, in assisting with the immunological response of throat tissue, in protecting the openings to the Eustachian tubes, and in the sensation of temperature to prevent the swallowing of overly hot food (Back et al. 2004).

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Birthday email

Received Birthday wishes email from our honorable Prime Ministerji!
Thanking you.

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Puberphonia,not a disease! an experience!!

Puberphonia is not a disease, it is an experience. experience. Possibly many of us haven’t seen too many puberphonia in our clinic. They avoid taking treatment. Just as there may be people who know you or have seen you or even heard live with handicapped puberphonia speech. Parents and society who don’t realize that there’s anything wrong with your speech, they may feel that it is their birth right. If the and the society are not minding they can have a normal life. If they take it as a serious concern it is a devastating problem.sPuberphonia is like an iceberg. The voice and human physical body, what people see and hear, is really the smaller part. By far the larger part is the part underneath—the shame, the fear, the guilt, all those other feelings that come to us when we try to speak. It is like an iceberg. By far the larger part is the part underneath the body. Here are six principles which you can use to treat puberphonia, once you see them: they are (1) Have a casual conversation and confirm that their physical health is normal. In selected cases avoid unnecessary tests.(2)Give confidence the patient by recording the voice and showing the recorded normal oro paryngeal and laryngeal structures. (3)Give immediate male voice by uvula manipulation.(4)Maintain the manipulation-following the author technique of pharyngeal resonance manipulation.(5)Give a fire of breathing technique exercise for 21 days.(6)If necessary to remove repeated throat and nasopharyngeal congestion breathing exercise and hot water gargling may be adviced.We in Chennai use an AYUSH product namely kabha kudi neer.

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Covid, healthy and aware

A message received.

bcz of Puberphonia I always thought that I am a burden on this planet, I have no confidence ,zero ego, I also tried to commit suicide ...
After watching your videos I got some hope...

Please come after viral disease.
We will help you get the normal voice and confidence.
I like to information all !
I have completed and submitted one paper on puberphonia in this COVID-19 vacation and another paper abstract ready.