Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Puberphonia treatment

Puberphonia/boys talking in female tone treated in 1 day with 21 days home-care habituation 
Dr.Muthiah Kumaresan M S (ENT ); DLO
 Siva ENT Hospital, 295, Triplicane  High road, Triplicane, Chennai 600004.
       Cell;  09 9841055774
Dr.Navin Bharath M S ( ENT )
 Department of  Otorhino Laryngology , Saveetha Medical College, Kuthambakkam, Chennai 600124. 
We noticed low pitch voice in puberphonia while doing endoscope to examine larynx and while patient is asked to say few words with protrusion of tongue, cough, yarn or snore. This results in the change in the air flow and resonance, which is the physiological mechanism that reduces pitch (1). We followed this direct voice change method by manipulating the uvula.We maintained the same required low pitch voice by resonating with breath of fire breathing practice in 400 puberphonia males in our small center. 50% of the reported puberphonia cases had given the history of attempted suicide. 
  The selected case is taken to the minor operation theatre. Under xylocaine (10% w/v) spray surface anesthesia a silk thread is placed in the uvula by suturing or knots, followed by breath of fire of breath training in the theatre itself ( ENT surgeon ). On the first instance it-self 90% many resume lower pitch voice.
 The treatment is done without any surgery in the vocal tract most of the clients get the ancestral voice that makes them and us happy! Enrich puberphonia patients life with ancestral voice by an innovative, noninvasive, successful uvula, the accessory speech organ, resonance manipulation treatment. Our experience reveals that the puberphonia is not a disease, but it is a life experience.  5% patients resist changing their voice in spite of the effort we put, even after review, probably, we think, due to some other unknown lifestyle or pathology.
Importance of uvula as an accessory organ for speech, as uvular trill, uvular consonant is brought out and its manipulated resonance treat puberphonia. First line of treatment is by Otorhino Laryngologist to fight puberphonia devastation.
Take home message
1. Puberphonia is a very common problem. 2. It needs treatment and treatment available. 3. It is not a hormonal disease and physiological disease. 4. Puberphonia boys are smart and intelligent. 5. Bad parenting is not the etiology for puberphonia and. 6. Curable. 7. Patient get back the ancestral tone speech.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

puberphonia treatment done, thanks message

Gagan Khairve
Dear sir,
Hello I am Gagan Khairve from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. One year before(24th of
july 2019) i came to your hospital "Siva ENTt" for the treatment of puberphonia.
Before the treatment I didn't have to speak in public. Many times I felt like disabled person.
God gave me a voice but not a perfect one. But old people said "भगवान के घर मɅदेर है, अधं ेर
नहȣं।" means the house of god is late but not blind and it's true. I found the ray of hope...
"Siva ENT".
After the treatment every aspect of my life has changed. Now I feel so confident and roar like
a lion. Everything has happened because of you. I am very thankful of dear Mangammal
Rani mam, Dr. Kumaresan and all supporting staff of the hospital. 🙏
Love from Bhopal❤
Thank you so much sir. you are like an angel.
Thank you so much sir...😊😊
- Gagan Khairve

Monday, 13 July 2020

Tolkappiyam teaches treatment for puberphonia

தொல்காப்பியர் ஆய்வு 495,499,841
ஆண்மை திரிந்த பெயர் நிலைக்கிளவி  
துவைத்தலும் ,சிலைத்தலும் , இயன்பலும்,இரங்கலும்
இரையை பொருள் கிளவி 
செப்பினும் வினாவினும் சினை முதல் கிளவிக்கு
அப்பொருள் ஆகும் உறழ் துணை பொருளே. 

(உறழ்- சூழன்று கோண்டிருக்கும்- uvula )

Puberphonia /Boys talking in female tone
Resonance manipulation at uvula Dr.M.Kumaresan,9841055774

Saturday, 11 July 2020

New Journal Publication

Our new publication in the prestigious Journal of Otolaryngology - ENT Research.

Vanakkam Tamila

Vanakam Tamila Interview on SunTV about Corona infection and Puberphonia management. 

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Digital Puberphonia treatment,combine sentiment with software

Digital transformation Puberphonia treatment.It is not the change of plans of working,it adopts claints requirements . Digital transformation of puberphonia treatment.Not just a web, delivering exceptional treatment.