Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Puberphonia,not a disease! an experience!!

Puberphonia is not a disease, it is an experience. experience. Possibly many of us haven’t seen too many puberphonia in our clinic. They avoid taking treatment. Just as there may be people who know you or have seen you or even heard live with handicapped puberphonia speech. Parents and society who don’t realize that there’s anything wrong with your speech, they may feel that it is their birth right. If the and the society are not minding they can have a normal life. If they take it as a serious concern it is a devastating problem.sPuberphonia is like an iceberg. The voice and human physical body, what people see and hear, is really the smaller part. By far the larger part is the part underneath—the shame, the fear, the guilt, all those other feelings that come to us when we try to speak. It is like an iceberg. By far the larger part is the part underneath the body. Here are six principles which you can use to treat puberphonia, once you see them: they are (1) Have a casual conversation and confirm that their physical health is normal. In selected cases avoid unnecessary tests.(2)Give confidence the patient by recording the voice and showing the recorded normal oro paryngeal and laryngeal structures. (3)Give immediate male voice by uvula manipulation.(4)Maintain the manipulation-following the author technique of pharyngeal resonance manipulation.(5)Give a fire of breathing technique exercise for 21 days.(6)If necessary to remove repeated throat and nasopharyngeal congestion breathing exercise and hot water gargling may be adviced.We in Chennai use an AYUSH product namely kabha kudi neer.

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