Thursday, 18 June 2020

4 th paper on puberphonia published

,Dear .Dr.Alagesan

Greetings,To day 6//18/2020  I have send another paped extenetd abstract for Ethical Clearance to my parent institution Stanley Medical College. I will inform the progress.  

   I am a retired professor of ENT from Stanley Medical College in Chennai.  So far, we have treated 600 cases of Puberphonia by our new technique of pharyngeal / uvula resonance manipulation, which produces excellent results in one day. We continue, breath of fire breathing techniques for a few days to make it as a habit. We are yet to understand the science behind it.

Yours being a premier research institution in Research, I request that some of your students may be entrusted with the project of elucidating the science behind it, as it is a totally new area of research.

Herewith I am enclosing video of one of the treated patients and a copy of my publication.

4 Published papes.

1.Assess the Impact of Puberphonia in the Society - Science › ...

 May, 2019.

2.(PDF) An immediate and permanent cure for Puberphonia › amp.

3. Fast Track Treatment for Puberphonia

Kumaresan M* and Navin Bharath

ENT Surgeon, Madras University, India

*Corresponding author: M Kumaresan, ENT Surgeon, Madras University, India

Received: January 13, 2020 Published: February 05, 2020

4. New concept for uvula manipulation to treat Puberphonia, Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research

Volume 12 Issue 3 - 2020

M Kumaresan,1, Navin Bharath2,ENT, Siva ENT Hospital, India,2 ENT, Saveetha Medical College, India

Correspondence: M Kumaresan, ENT, DLO, Siva ENT Hospital, 159, Lloyds Road, Chennai-14, India, Received: March 31, 2020 | Published: June 08, 2020

Thanking you,

Prof. Dr. M. Kumaresan MS(DLO), ENT Surgeon.
Cellular / Handphone: +91 9841055774

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