Friday 30 August 2019

Puberphonia is a reasonable disorder

This category is referred in the literature by a number of names: adolescent falsetto,puberscent falsetto, incomplete mutation,juvenile resonance disorder, little girl's voice and mutational falsetto,to name a few.We preferred to use resonance mutation.We have chosen to use puberphonia (not as the most desirable, but as the least objectionable) in our work , because it suggests the developmental stage at which the problem is encountered (puberty) and tells us that it involves the voice (phone).
Still we prefer resonance disorder to make it clear that it is not due to hormanal disorder.

Thursday 29 August 2019

Spot out Puberphonia

Parents can typically spot-out Puberphonia issues in boys. “However, if serious emotional problems arise — if your son doesn’t want to do the things he usually enjoys, or hang out and avoid his friends or experiences a drop in grades with persisting chidish voice. Treat immediatly.

Option for puberphonia treatment

Puberphonia treatment available:
Voice therapy: Daily voice exercises to strengthen voice production.
Vocal cord microsurgery: A treatment for vocal cord lesions.
Thyroplasty: Changing the length of the vocal cords.
Voice injections: Injections to plump up the vocal cords.
Voice implants: Implants to stabilize the vocal cords.
We in SIVA ENT Hospital do pharyngeal resonance manipulation training one day,that changes the voice & with breath of fire,a breathing technique for habituatiin.
“Once we correct the voice in puberphonia, communication and quality of life improve. We find that patients socialize more and participate in more activities

Puberphonia research

Clinical Research : It mainly deals with betterment of health in puberphonia-boys talking in female tone,diseased state. This is achieved by clinicians involved in patient care.
My Clinical research is a healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness (efficacy) of our pharyngeal resonance manipulation & breath of fire devices treatment regimens intended for puberphonia voice correction. These may be used for relieving symptoms of a disease.
This is a simple safety and safety training-no medicine, no surgery-.
First day we do pharyngeal resonance manopulation –bring the male voice.
Second and third day “breath of fire”,traing.A simple methord by which vocal sound, is made when controlled air being exhaled from the lungs, passes over the vocal cords causing a controlled vibration,the vibrating air resonates in the body, chest cavity, mouth, and nasal passages.
21 days continue the same breathing technique to make this as a habit.
Article published in Ear Nose Throat International Journal and it is the first of it and the only reference in Ent care, accepted by an ENT Surgeon (reference available in ENT Journal).
So far we have treated 475 cases, a world record.
It is-1.Cost effective and best methods of treatment for treating puberphonia.                                          2.Implementation of rational health plans & health education based on medical information that puberphonia is a commen problem in boys which can be easily curable.

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Treat immediately puberphonia

Treating puberphonia enable you to communicate fluently and distinctly. Enhancing clarity not only strengthens your communication skills, it improves your image and makes others more responsive to your message.

Tuesday 27 August 2019

Breath of 🔥 fire

Puberphonia boys have pitch breaks,high pitched voice, hoarseness, breathiness, difficulty in vocal projection, and visible laryngeal muscle tension,embarrassment of the newly achieved vocal pitch, failure to accept the new voice, social immaturity, etc. Treat Puberphonia voice in one day.Other symptoms disappear by our " breath of 🔥 fire" training.

New tecno

We want neural network algorithms to audio for speech recognition with unparalleled accuracy,for treating Puberphonia.Puberphonia Speech-to-treated accuracy improves over time.We are aiming to use speech recognition technology.




Puberphonia treatment idea

How  I got the idea of pharyngeal resonance manipulation training for treating puberphonia in one to three days ?.
  Teachers were more likely to perceive that a voice problem would adversely affect their future career options, had done so in the past, and was limiting their current job performance.I used to teach teachers pharyngeal resonance manipulation training with "breath of fire" training.100% of teachers had never missed any days of work due to a voice problem. These findings suggest that teaching is a high-risk occupation for voice disorders and that this health problem may have significant work-related and economic effects.Similarly puberphonia: is it a high risk problem ?.

Monday 26 August 2019

Puberphonia treatment

The subjective assessment was done with GRBAS scale and objective assessment was done by acoustic analysis using various voice profile.All 460 patients achieved appropriate pitch range following pharyngeal resonance manipulation training. This study encourages ENT surgeons to advice and do pharyngeal resonance manipulation therapy as the foremost treatment modality for Puberphonia.


More about you

Please take the time to answer the questions thoughtfully and with plenty of detail to help us understand who you are. This is your opportunity to let your personality shine. Please note that character limits include spaces.
Tell us about your work, and the projects you are currently working on.  

Puberphonia is not a rare disorder as the world believe, an inappropriate use of high-pitched voice beyond pubertal age in males. It is usually seen in the immediate post-pubescent period when the male vocal mechanism has undergone significant changes in size and function caused by hormonal changes. We have identified and treated in one day by our new research method 500 cases of puberphonia in a short span of one and half years in a small city in the world, Chennai.In male boys talking with high frequency like female folk,as a result could make them to ashame of the situation. So they psychologically affected with depression. Negative social reactions commonly occur and it overall affects social and vocational goals of them.

What is your idea worth spreading in one to two sentences?  

Puberphonia is a devastating disease and so the attitudes need to be change that it’s a hormonal disease, which certainly cause traumatic event in his personal life.

What are you best known for? What is your crowning achievement?  

Highest award to dr.m.kumaresan at nstl.visakapatnam
mira paul memorial gold medal is presented to an eminent acoustician/ ent surgeon, irrespective of nationality, age, or society affiliation to promote international brotherhood in the diverse field of acoustics. this is the highest award presented by international research institute for the deaf, india to an individual whose dedication and devotion to acoustics are universally acknowledged.
citation for muthiah kumaresan
.... for contributions on Ear, Nose and Throat
NSTL, Visakhapatnam, A.P. * 22 December 2008
Dr. Kumaresan is serving as President of Association of Peadiatric Otolaryngitis of India (APOI), Secretary of Madras-India Regional Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America. 

What other accomplishments would you like to share? Please give context.

My document reflects the diversity of  puberphonia research accomplishments, recognitions and impacts
Valued within my Ear,Nose,Throat surgeon faculty.
Over a series of three publications in leading journals,
Jul 31, 2018 - citation: Muthiah K. An immediate and permanent cure for Puberphonia. J Otolaryngol ENT Res. 2018;10(4):231. DOI: 10.15406/joentr.2018.10
2.        Citation in Internet Listing of International Journals
a). Mycopathologia 1990 Jan.109(1):11-2
b). Sabouraudia 1982 Sep.20(3):185-91
c). Saburaudia 1981 Jun.19(2):135-42
d). Mycopathologia 1981 Feb.13,73(2):79-82

1.        A letter of appreciation for Dr.M.Kumaresan research work on a new approach to the middle ear in cadaver by George J.Romanes as from 9, Campbell Park Drive, Edinburgh EH13 OHS,3rd March,1988.

List any awards, prizes or other fellowships you have won, with the details below:

E Merck,Indian national ENT Award winner 1986,3rd January  
Science Popularization Award, Tamil Nadu Government,India, 28th Feb 2002
Research Works taken a subject for M.Phil course & Ph.D Madras University
Life Time Achievement Awards 2012 Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University, Chennai 17th August 2012
N.S.T.L Visakapattinam 2008 Gold Medal Award, Sep, 14th 2008 
President; pediatric ENT Association,India, 2010 to till today
Outreach Penn state (U.S.A)-National Autism Conference August 07,2014
1st prize for Medical book in National Language 1996-1997 Tamil Nadu state Govt
Gold medal paper 1st APOI Conference 1994,Labyrinth Transplant in Rabbit
Puberphonia Research that has yielded: copyrighted material:Copyrights office Government of India, Registration Number: L-75368/2018. Dated 17.08.2018

`What type of education have you received? Please add details for any degrees, including:

University Of Madras Oto-Rhino-Laryngology M.S 07 MAY 1974
University OF Madras Degree of Bachelor of Medicine Dec 1966
Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Madras  Additional Qualification registration Certificate
Certificate of House surgeoncy Madurai Medical College18-Jan-1968
1.General Medical Wards                     16-4-67  to 15-7-67
2.general surgical wards                    16-1-67     15-4-67
3. Obstetrics and Gynecology                16-10-67    15-1-68
4.Public Health Department                  16-7-67     15-10-67
Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Center "Meet the Scientist" Letter No.2513/P1/2001 dated 01.08.2002
Tamil Nadu Open University  Modern Trend in Education &Imperative Need of Add-on courses 7th July 2005

What hobbies, causes or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?  

Dr. Kumaresan is serving as Editor of a monthly magazine of Maruthuva Ariviyal Malar, Pediatric ENT Journal and edited several books.
Dr. Kumaresan has conducted more than 1000 free ENT camps. He had several achievement to his credit (a) Co-Chairman for the World Conference of ENT at Hungary in 1981 (b) Invited Speaker for the Satellite Symposium at Tokyo in 1983 (c) Preliminary lecture- Etiology of Otitis Media in the 3rd World at Seoul in 1983 (d) Guide for Zonal Conference award at Mysore in 1984 (e) Best ENT Surgeon, South Zone of India.
Dr. Kumaresan has written three books *Clinical and Practical Otorhinolaryngolgy* in 1992, *Audiology* and *Speech Pathology*in 2005 in English for postgraduate students and he has written more than 33 books in Tamil Language. He is having numerous publications both National and International Journals.

Share an example of something you have been a part of, created, led or joined that you consider unique. Why do you think it is groundbreaking?  

New innovative method of entering middle ear created by Dr.M.Kumaresan  and consider as a unique and groundbreaking as it is included in the Cunningham's manual

9, Campbell park drive,
Edinburgh EH 13 OHS.
3rd March,1988.
Dear Dr.M.Kumaresan,
Thank you for your letter,your note on a method of displaying the middle ear and the attached photographs.
I entirely agree that your method gives an excellent exposure of the middle ear and is preferable to that given in the 8th edition of Cunninghams manual for that purpose. However,with the  restricted time now available for the study of Anatomy we are forced to give up any idea of inculcating the details of middle ear anatomy to the ordinary undergraduate medical student and are more interested in trying to ensure that they get an idea of the relative positions of external, middle,and inner ears and the continuity of the middle ear with the nasal part of the pharynx.  
Clearly your method would be much better for the middle ear alone and would, I except, be much better for ENT students who can give the time to concentrate on.
I will think about introducing this into the manual should I be producing a further edition. Thank you for this helpful suggestion.
Yours sincerely,
George J.Romans

If you were a part of a group or team that did this work, please specify your individual role and contribution to this project team.  

It’s my Individual work not a part of a group or team in this project

What questions should we have asked, but didn’t? Please write them down and answer them. (In other words, tell us something about yourself that we don’t know yet.)  

Why you taken Puberphonia as a research subject:
1.I worked as a  professor of ENT in Stanley Medical College. Near by a railway track is there. One boy who had taken for puberphonia in our ENT department(Speech therapy) committed suicide on the rail tract. The reason is that he had undergone bulling. 2.Another incidents, happen in my family. A puberphonia male married and got a child. An old lady unknowingly told the bride that the puberphonia is incapable of manly powers. That newly married girl committed suicide.
3.In USA my daughter working as pediatrician. We went to a mall. It's a rainy day. we park the car wrongly. On seeing that a gigantic tall manager hurry approached us. We understood our mistake and we are little worried. The manager asked us to keep the car orderly in his puberphonia tone. We just laughed hidden our face by turning around.
After my retirement from ENT surgeon post I have taken teaching  job, voice care  for professional voice users,teachers,artist,singers. I came across "Tholkappiyam" ancient literature regarding voice production. I read extensively Bernoulli phenomenon.Both Tholkappiyar and Bernoulli had given me to use palatogram investigation for treating puberphonia. Finally I have found out pharyngeal resonance manipulation therapy, a one day treatment for puberphonia.                     

Can you share a memorable anecdote from your life that will give us a further sense of what drives you to do the work that you do? 

Puberphonia affects approximately 1 in 9,00,000 of the population. We in a small town in the world,Chennai detected 500 cases of puberphonia in a short period of one and half years. 70% of Puberphonia patients had undergone devastating problems including suicide.This memorable anecdote from my life had given me a further sense of continuing   this work. Has two intentions. One is to review the methods and findings of previous research that has investigated the role of social factors in puberphonia. The second intention is to alert medical profession. The take home message is
1. Puberphonia is a very common problem
2. It needs treatment and treatment available.
3. It is not a hormonal disease.
4. It is not a physiological disease.
5. Puberphonia boys are not smart and intelligent

6. Its curable

List at least one website (more if you like) that will help us understand you better.

Good examples include: your blog, your company's or organization's website, press coverage of your work, your portfolio, research examples, photos, etc. Please do not provide links to your Facebook page or Linkedin profile.

As an ENT surgeon we treated 500 cases of puberphonia in a short span of one and half years.

If you can, please share the specific person, organization, website, etc. 

Four research Doctors referred Dr.M.Kumaresan’s research work in their original article
1. Dr. Sudhakarvaidya, Vaidya S, Vyas G (Jan 2006) a PDF. Indian J
Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg;58 (1);20-21
2. Anjana A Mohite
MedPulse – International Medical Journal, ISSN: 2348-2516, EISSN: 2348-1897, Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2016 pp 1020-1023
3. Dr. Roche & CME Team ( organised CME on puberphonia at Chicago on 5& 6th July 2019. Dr.M.Kumartesan CME faculty member.
4. Meng-Ju Tsai, PhD
Chair, 31st World Congress of the IALP
31st World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP 2019) in Taipei, Taiwan (August 18th-22nd).254 cases of Puberphonia treated by Pharengeal resonance manipulation therapy presenting author Dr.M.Kumaresan.

Regular speaker
1. GSK Medical Company: CME Doctors Meeting (speaker for twelve  events)
2. Glen mark: CME Doctor meeting speaker on 25.07.2019
3. Cipla Medical Company: CME Doctors Meeting speaker on 12 occasions
4. Indian Medical Association Marina Branch Invited speaker
5. Conducted more than 500  free Medical Camp
6. 375  numbered You tube videos  uploading my site (
7. 10 times given Radio Talk, 20 times given TV interview shows
8. Indian medical council 12/10/1996 inspection officer
9. Invited Speaker at CME Chicago on 5th 6th July 2019.
10. Addressed: Human Rights Community development, Friday 6th October 2000 at, 120 Ramford road,London E 12.

If you had help in completing this application, please explain the circumstances, who helped you and to what degree.

Puberphonia project is an Audacious Project — an initiative to help change in the society and in the mind of the health care population. The fact in puberphonia is under diagnosed and under treated. It is estimated that 90% suicide happening male at the puberty age group. It is concluded as “Social rejection along with tension is the major components”. Nobody ever thing that puberphonia maybe the underlying problem in social rejection. The  puberphonia examples: graduates never goes  for job or higher education, adult not willing to marry, never mingle with friends or family, in a desperate condition leave the home,leave the world. It is a bold ideas for tackling global challenges find the support to make our visions a reality. Thousands of puberphonia boys are waiting for treatment but they never want to expose to them selves that they are puberphonic. Even medical profession and public may feel puberphonia due to hormonal changes, which is supported by media, which is a myth.

பெண் குரலால் பாதிக்கப்பட்டுள்ள மாணவர்களுக்கு இலவச சிகிச்சை

Dr.M.Kumareresan at Chicago 10th World Tamil Conference

More work on Puberphonia

Puberphonia,common when children,turning to break the voice to become adulthood.Until today 26.08.2 019,we have treated in 2 years time in Chennai,a small city in the world.This disorder survey, senses we have to do world wide. Dr.M.Kumaresan.9841055774

Puberphonia 457th Case 21/08/2019




Puberphonia 457th Case 21/08/2019

Puberphonia 457th Case 21/08/2019


Sunday 25 August 2019

Treat puberphonia

Each one of us is built to win- in both work and life.It's now time for me to share with you by TED what happened to me with you

My mind

Most nights,I couldn't sleep-my mind remembered with violent memories of the nightmarish scenes I'd heard from puberphonia boys.

Life work

The sight of 482 puberphonia treated achievement is the greatest expectation.
We are aiming for some wild sacrifing Life.


IMO message by a puberphonia boy.

Can i come in dashara sir.......?
I am from Nepal.......

24.8.10, yesterday only we have started IMO with the help of Dr.S.Manoharan.We got a contract from Napal.
We hope many people are using IMO.

Please come.We help.Dr.M.Kumaresan


Pharyngeal resonance therapy by Dr.M.Kumaresan is designed to improve vocal resonance and quality, including exercises for tongue,lips, soft palate strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and balance of the sub-systems (respiration, phonation and resonation) needed for puberphonia voice correction.

Saturday 24 August 2019




Aetiology of puberphonia include emotional stress, delayeddevelopment of secondarysexual characters, psychogenic,
hero worship of older boy, maternalprotection etc.
Puberphonia may also be because of non-fusion of thyroidlaminae, in these cases hypogonadism may be the cause and
it ant voice. At the puberty itwill need to retrain in order to cope with larger larynx.Aetiology of puberphonia include emotional stress, delayeddevelopment of secondary sexual characters, psychogenic,hero worship of older boy, maternal protection etc.
Puberphonia may also be because of non-fusion of thyroidlaminae, in these cases hypogonadism may be the cause and
it has to be ruled out.
Present treatment for puberphonia is voice therapy only.
We follow pharyngeal resonance manipulation training and successfuly get the required male voice in few minutes.Maintain it for 3 days by placing a thread.Make it as a habit in 21 days.
It proves that the expected causes are only myth.

Friday 23 August 2019


Treat Puberphonia

Everyone experiences periods in which speech is chidish. For some,a puberphonia can get in the way of adulthood,treat immediately

Capuberphonia awareness program

An innovative Puberphonia care programme to deliver awareness, screening, diagnosis for the underserved.
ENT Specialist should recommend immediate care.Puberphonia is under diagnosed and under treated.Expecially Puberphonia boys never came forward to talk treatment because of the social stigma.This can be easily detected through a simple voice pitch analyser app free download one in the android cell phone by any non medical person or the patient him self. We are going to create a sustainable program of low-cost Puberphonia care including awareness, screening, diagnosis and treatment to the underserved, particularly in densely populated, low-income urban settlement and rural areas by leveraging medical technology, telecommunication and frugal innovation.It is a hallmark example of health system innovation, serving duel objects of social impact and business viability simultaneously.
  With ENT specialist as the central point of care, the programs are operationalized through trained community health care workers equipped with speech pitch analyser.Puberphonia boys with a positive provisional diagnosis are routed to the point of care for receiving low-cost treatment, including advanced Stroboscopy and pharyngeal resonance manipulation training.
    A WHO based field evaluation help them to identify boys with Puberphonia voice.

Thursday 22 August 2019

Estimation of puberphonia

In the world stuttering, encompassing 70 million people worldwide, about 1 percent of the worlds population (American estimation).No such database is available for Puberphonia.We want to create a database for puberphonia, because we see the maximum number of puberphonia.

Regaining Glory

Our research attracted all.

Puberphonia 458th Case 22/08/2019


Puberphonia 458th Case 22/08/2019

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Please join us for a Puberphonia Medical Tourism Business Opportunity Meeting

மையமாக வைத்து
சென்னையை சார்ந்த
காது மூக்கு தொண்டை
டாக்டர் குமரேசன்
மருத்துவ ஆய்வு செய்து
அமெரிக்க மருத்துவத் துறையை
மெய்சிலிரிக்க வைத்துள்ளார்
அவரது உழைப்பை
அறிவியல் தமிழ் மன்றத்தின்
சனிக்கிழமை (10/08/2019)
இந்திய நேரப்படி
08:00 மணி முதல் 08:30 வரை
புகழ்பெற்ற காது மூக்கு தொண்டை
அறுவை சிகிச்சை நிபுணர்
டாக்டர் குமரேசன் மற்றும்  மலேசியா ஆசிரியமணி இரா. மாணிக்கம் 
தமிழுக்கான வெள்ளை அறையிலிருந்து
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100 நபர்கள்
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என்றால் ….
தமிழுக்கான நமது அர்ப்பணிப்புதான் என்ன ?