Saturday 25 July 2020

puberphonia treatment done, thanks message

Gagan Khairve
Dear sir,
Hello I am Gagan Khairve from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. One year before(24th of
july 2019) i came to your hospital "Siva ENTt" for the treatment of puberphonia.
Before the treatment I didn't have to speak in public. Many times I felt like disabled person.
God gave me a voice but not a perfect one. But old people said "भगवान के घर मɅदेर है, अधं ेर
नहȣं।" means the house of god is late but not blind and it's true. I found the ray of hope...
"Siva ENT".
After the treatment every aspect of my life has changed. Now I feel so confident and roar like
a lion. Everything has happened because of you. I am very thankful of dear Mangammal
Rani mam, Dr. Kumaresan and all supporting staff of the hospital. 🙏
Love from Bhopal❤
Thank you so much sir. you are like an angel.
Thank you so much sir...😊😊
- Gagan Khairve

Monday 13 July 2020

Tolkappiyam teaches treatment for puberphonia

தொல்காப்பியர் ஆய்வு 495,499,841
ஆண்மை திரிந்த பெயர் நிலைக்கிளவி  
துவைத்தலும் ,சிலைத்தலும் , இயன்பலும்,இரங்கலும்
இரையை பொருள் கிளவி 
செப்பினும் வினாவினும் சினை முதல் கிளவிக்கு
அப்பொருள் ஆகும் உறழ் துணை பொருளே. 

(உறழ்- சூழன்று கோண்டிருக்கும்- uvula )

Puberphonia /Boys talking in female tone
Resonance manipulation at uvula Dr.M.Kumaresan,9841055774

Saturday 11 July 2020

New Journal Publication

Our new publication in the prestigious Journal of Otolaryngology - ENT Research.

Vanakkam Tamila

Vanakam Tamila Interview on SunTV about Corona infection and Puberphonia management. 

Saturday 4 July 2020

Digital Puberphonia treatment,combine sentiment with software

Digital transformation Puberphonia treatment.It is not the change of plans of working,it adopts claints requirements . Digital transformation of puberphonia treatment.Not just a web, delivering exceptional treatment.