Friday 27 September 2019

Come out Puberphonia boys

A message from puberphonia treated boy,

" Kumerasan sir u r great...keep up yr good work sir n help people coming out from puberphonia to a newer confident life..u r god sir ".

( come out puberphonia boys,.If no money we treat freely.Free accommodation at SIVA hospital.)

Thursday 26 September 2019

Switzerland Puberphonia treated

Sir, yesterday,25.9.2019,one Puberphonia (boys talking in female tone) came from Switzerland for puberphonia treatment.
Treated completely.
Now the boy is taking in male tone.
The boy & his mom are attending siva ent Hospital.
159, Lloyd Road, Royapettah, Chennai.14.


Thursday 19 September 2019

Puberphonia 478th case 19/9/19


Puberphonia treated, happy.

Referred frends message.k
Just now I met him, Puberphonia treated, he says u r like a god his life Dr .........I m so happy Dr, congrats Dr, thanks many more.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Breath of fire, Puberphonia follow up

Breath of fire, breathing training for puberphonia follow up.
  Fast breathing requires quick movements of the diaphragm which is controlled by the abdominal and chest muscles,they refer the physical manipulations of the breath that often pass in ignorant circles in the resonating chambers.

Pharyngeal resonance manipulation training

Pharyngeal resonance manipulation training for puberphonia
  The developed pharyngeal voice brings resonant power to a voice. It gives great amounts of control over dynamics, registration, speed, tonal accuracy, vibrato rate, and flexibility.
Manipulation training improved overt speech production, accuracy of trained words, specifically for puberphonia.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Seeing the feature puberphonia voice

Dear Sir,
I am always seeing with my brain and we will try to bring out the father voice in all puberphonia cases. That is the success of my treatment. We are getting the original voice, typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended. Genetic factor is responsible for the vocal quality which is determined by voice box, throat, mouth, nose, and chest cavity. People from the same family will often sound alike because laryngeal anatomy is dictated by your ancestral DNA just like every other physical trait. Many puberphonia treated boys have their fathers voice. It clearly reflect in phone calls.
It is not imagination. It is true.

Society with out puberphonia

Medicine is already making the shift:
Many Community-Based Home Health Programs are being established as a result of the Affordable Care .Similarly I want to take puberphonia as a Community Health Care Program.Society with out puberphonia,

Saturday 14 September 2019

Male voice is important for political achievement

Former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher employed a professional speech coach to help her to sound more authoritative, deliberately dropping the pitch of her voice by a massive 60 Hz. People take less than a second to judge your personality – including attractiveness, dominance and trustworthiness – based on just your voice. Research has shown that perceived vocal personality influences mate selection, leader election, and consumer choices.



Friday 13 September 2019

Puberphonia treatment appreciated

A message from a well wisher.( Name .........)
எனக்கும் இதே நிலை தான். 😪😥😪😰😥 😓😢நிறைய   சங்கடங்களை  அனுபவித்து  விட்டேன்.  அனுபவிக்கிறேன். யாரும்   ( குழந்தைகள்  உட்பட)  என்னை  மதிப்பதில்லை. நான் பேசப்போனால்  தெரித்து  ஓடிவிடுவார்கள்.  என்னை பரிதாபத்திற்குரிய  ஜந்துவாகவும்  ஏளனமாகவும்   பார்ப்பார்கள்.   திருநங்கைகள் கூட  என்னைக்  கிண்டலடித்துவிட்டார்கள்.   வேலைவாய்ப்பு  பறிபோனது.  திருமணம்  கேள்விக்குறி.  வாழும்  போதே  நரக வேதனை  நரக வாழ்க்கை  என்பார்களே  அது எனக்குப்  பொருந்தும்.   இந்த  குரல்  பாதிப்புடையோரை  சரிப்படுத்தும்  மருத்துவர்  கடவுளுக்கு  நிகரானவர்.  நல்லாயிருங்க  டாக்டர். மனதில் அத்தனை  பாரத்தையும்  துண்பத்தையும் தாங்கிக் கொண்டு  வெளியில்  புண்சிரிப்போடு  நடமாடுகிறேன். இந்த  குறையுடைய  என்போன்றோரை  சரிப்படுத்தும்   குமரேசன்  மருத்துவருக்கு  கோடானுகோடி  நன்றிகள்.  மனதார  சொல்கிறேன்  நீங்க  நல்லாயிருப்பீங்க  டாக்டர்.

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Genetic in puberphonia voice

A new break through in puberphonia.
Our treatment is not by surgery!
Is speech impairment genetic in puberphonia?
Genetics of speech and language disorders. ... Most communication disorders are prominent in puberphonia, where they are common. A number of these disorders have been shown to cluster in families, suggesting that genetic factors are involved, but their etiology at the molecular level is not well understood.
After the first instance of treatment of puberphonia their voice is similar to their father.

Sunday 8 September 2019

voice after puberphonia treatment

We have treated 462 cases of puberphonia as on 9.8.2019.

Most fo the cases the relatives recognized the  poberphonia treated voice is similar to their father.

Saturday 7 September 2019

Voice after puberphonia treatment

467 case of puberphonia treated in SIVA ENT Hospital .in Chennai
New research finding: the newly created voice by our treatment-pharyngeal resonance manipulation @ breath of fire training- is a genetic voice voice only in puberphonia.
Ex: patient talked immediately after treatment in phone or face to face.The third party recognized the voice of his father.
Genetics also play a role in how our voices mature. Although how a child's voice develops owes something to mimicry of their parents, people from the same family will often sound alike because laryngeal anatomy is dictated by your ancestral DNA just like every other physical trait.
What voice puberphonia patient get after our treatment?
You will get your family voice.





Puberphonia 466th Case 04.09.19


Puberphonia 467th Case 04.09.2019






Thursday 5 September 2019

A Blessing

Tq a layman ur responce Happy.You r only the lighting the puberphonia patients to giving bright  his/her life.As u r dedicated service as humanity basis u r the great man in the world. in future u r create a record without puberphonia in tamilnadu in youth life.Once again my salute  in ur broad  minded  mentality. Basically u r in india's  freedom fighters family.keep it up always . Kumar.

Wednesday 4 September 2019

A message

Great job sir
u r incredibly talented and God gifted. U r a true gift yo humanity. I feel some kind of fatherly affection in your eyes.  I am suffering from Puberphonia for last 16-17 years. I wish I pray i believe that someday my problem of speaking in high pitch voice would be rectified and would lead a relaxed and a prosperous life.

Monday 2 September 2019

Puberphonia,God GANESH Blessing

Dear Sir, Thanks for your Article in Nalam. Heartiest Congrats on your Achievement in capability of Rectifying Vocal Issues in Just 30mins. It’s really Appreciable you highlight our Tholkapiyam in Chicago in World Tamil Maanaadu which gave info about bupropiona 5000yrs Back. Happy to know your Research accepted by various Global Medical Research scientists. Thanks sir- Praising you for all your efforts and contribution to our Society. On this Special Auspicious day May Lord Ganesha Bless you and family with all wealth, Good Health and Happiness. Anbudan - 😊 Kannan