Thursday, 29 August 2019

Puberphonia research

Clinical Research : It mainly deals with betterment of health in puberphonia-boys talking in female tone,diseased state. This is achieved by clinicians involved in patient care.
My Clinical research is a healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness (efficacy) of our pharyngeal resonance manipulation & breath of fire devices treatment regimens intended for puberphonia voice correction. These may be used for relieving symptoms of a disease.
This is a simple safety and safety training-no medicine, no surgery-.
First day we do pharyngeal resonance manopulation –bring the male voice.
Second and third day “breath of fire”,traing.A simple methord by which vocal sound, is made when controlled air being exhaled from the lungs, passes over the vocal cords causing a controlled vibration,the vibrating air resonates in the body, chest cavity, mouth, and nasal passages.
21 days continue the same breathing technique to make this as a habit.
Article published in Ear Nose Throat International Journal and it is the first of it and the only reference in Ent care, accepted by an ENT Surgeon (reference available in ENT Journal).
So far we have treated 475 cases, a world record.
It is-1.Cost effective and best methods of treatment for treating puberphonia.                                          2.Implementation of rational health plans & health education based on medical information that puberphonia is a commen problem in boys which can be easily curable.

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