Friday, 23 August 2019

Capuberphonia awareness program

An innovative Puberphonia care programme to deliver awareness, screening, diagnosis for the underserved.
ENT Specialist should recommend immediate care.Puberphonia is under diagnosed and under treated.Expecially Puberphonia boys never came forward to talk treatment because of the social stigma.This can be easily detected through a simple voice pitch analyser app free download one in the android cell phone by any non medical person or the patient him self. We are going to create a sustainable program of low-cost Puberphonia care including awareness, screening, diagnosis and treatment to the underserved, particularly in densely populated, low-income urban settlement and rural areas by leveraging medical technology, telecommunication and frugal innovation.It is a hallmark example of health system innovation, serving duel objects of social impact and business viability simultaneously.
  With ENT specialist as the central point of care, the programs are operationalized through trained community health care workers equipped with speech pitch analyser.Puberphonia boys with a positive provisional diagnosis are routed to the point of care for receiving low-cost treatment, including advanced Stroboscopy and pharyngeal resonance manipulation training.
    A WHO based field evaluation help them to identify boys with Puberphonia voice.

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