Sunday 30 May 2021

9 doors, membranaphones mechanism treat Puberphonia

– puberphonia treatment by resonating various doors ( 9 doors) in the pharynx and mouth.
Breathe in and out gently through your nose if you can. If you cannot, breathe through your mouth instead. This is a manoeuvre used to move air, mobilised by deep breathing/thoracic expansion exercises, downstream towards the mouth. A huff (blow out air loudly) is exhaling through an open mouth and throat instead of coughing. Huffing helps moves air from the small airways to the larger airways. Puberphonia boy is requested to shout with open mouth. The voice should come from soft palate, not from the larynx. He can continue to practice with the thread inside the mouth. Regular voice therapy makes a permanent male voice. The important of  our therapy: The voice should come from the tooth, lip, tongue, nose and palate. Not from the larynx. Human voice has both a vibrating mechanism and a resonating mechanism. The vibrating mechanism by soft palate is the source of the sound waves, and the resonating mechanism in the nasal cavity refines, augments and amplifies those sound waves giving the low pitch character. The principle is a membranophones, such as drums or parai, means 'to speak' , which produce sound by a vibrating membrane. The percussion sticks is uvula, used are two in number and named after the quality of the sound they generate. The thin slender percussion stick is called “sunddu kucchi” (high pitch) and the other thick relatively shorter stick is called “adi kucchi” (base note). In current times, Parai is considered a musical art to express freedom.

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