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Puberphonia voice research training

Voice Research training in SIVA ENT Hospital, Royapettai,Ch 14.
Free Priliminary Class - by A.S.Ramakrishnan, Health care consultant on How to present research paper ? Send/submit your research paper for validation in USA. Participate in Siva or online/ YouTube Puberphonia Dr m kumaresan /Saturday 25.2.2023, 5 to 5.30 pm. high tea.
Medical Research Centre opened in Siva ENT by International Researcher Dr.Uma USA/ sister of Dr.Shiva, USA who invented E-mail, Participate & present your research.
- Dr. M. Kumaresan MS ENT

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A new concept of puberphonia treatment Part II
Dr.M.Kumaresan MS(ENT), DLO. & Dr.K.Navin Bharath MS(ENT)
Chapter 1. Puberphonia (non-mature voice)
The non-matured voice in males during puberty is called puberphonia. Puberphonia is also known as mutational falsetto, functional falsetto, incomplete mutation, adolescent falsetto, pubescent falsetto, juvenile voice, and childish voice. There are many myths and misconceptions about puberphonia. One percent of the population is born with a predisposition to speak in a different way; one such issue is puberphonia, or boys speaking in a female tone. This topic is important to the prospective public and health care workers because it is a specific, relevant, common condition with an unknown etiology. It's a great way to make awareness and treatment available. It offers readers a chance to try out our new non-invasive, outpatient treatment methods for an easily recognized, common, unattended ENT problem. The study concluded that other problems of puberphonia include depression, loneliness, cowardice, low self-esteem, an inferiority complex, and thoughts of suicide, which would be the take home message from our long experience of 29 years in treating puberphonia.
Chapter 2. Voiced sound and unvoiced sound
Soft Palate:
The soft palate is made up of a series of muscles that allow it to press down, as part of swallowing, and to rise up, creating space for yawns and bright open sounds. These muscles, especially the tensor palati, can also clear the Eustachian, or auditory, tubes, creating the ear popping familiar on plane rides.
The tensor and levator palati form a "sling,"  lifting the soft palate up and backward, closing off the entrance to the nasal cavities above by coming into contact with the pharyngeal wall. This is essential to articulating the difference between a vowel sound, where the voiced sound flows through the oral cavity, and a nasal vowel and consonant, where the voiced sound flows through the nasal cavity. This often happens so quickly on sounds like "on, on, on" or "no, no" that we cannot feel the action of the soft palate.
The remaining muscles tend to close off the opening to the oropharynx. It is useful to learn to feel their action so that you can then relax the muscle. The levator and tensor palati muscles may also stretch the muscles long and wide. The palatoglossus is connected to the tongue, while the palatopharyngeus is connected to the pharynx. The former can depress the palate or raise the back of the tongue. The latter forms a sandwich above and below the levator palati. Essential in swallowing and gagging, the palatopharyngeus can also raise the larynx. Relaxing it for spoken or sung communication is essential.
Chapter 3: What Are R1, R2, and R3 and How Do They Affect Your Voice Sound?
What is R1?
Within the vocal mechanism, there are different areas where the voice will resonate, or ‘vibrate.’ The term R1 refers to the resonance area containing the laryngeal space (located inside your neck where your voice box is) and the pharyngeal space (located in the back of the throat). R1 is often called the primary gender control knob, and it will be the most decisive factor in the feminization of the voice.
Where the voice resonates will determine what type of tone and range it will have. The word ‘tone’ describes the color of the voice: bright, dark, warm, round, rich- these are all words that describe tone. The word ‘range’ describes how high or low the voice will sound.
R1 will have a significant effect on the tone and range of the voice because it controls the amount of bass. Testosterone in the body will enlarge the pharyngeal and laryngeal areas, causing R1 to drop. This position for R1 will add bass- creating the low range and rich tonal quality associated with the male voice. By contrast, a high position for R1 will minimize the amount of bass, producing a voice that is perceived as female. The most difficult aspect of feminising the voice is learning to create and maintain a high R1.In fact, 70-80% of the work will be targeted here.
With specific vocal exercises, it is possible to train the body to narrow the pharyngeal/laryngeal areas, counteracting the effects of testosterone. This allows R1 to move to a higher position, producing the tone and range of the female voice.
R1 can be complex. If you want to learn more, schedule a consultation here.
What is R2?
Within the vocal mechanism, there are different areas where the voice will resonate, or "vibrate." In our previous article, we discussed R1. The second resonance area, R2, is the oral cavity — or in simpler terms, the mouth. It is the secondary gender control knob in trans voice.
While R2 is an important factor in vocal style and vowel control, it is less vital to vocal feminization than R1. However, out of all the vocal resonance areas, R2 can create the widest range of possible frequencies (low – high sounding pitch). This means that R2 can produce a wide range of sounds, making it an important area to understand in mtf and ftm trans voice training.
R2 is primarily controlled by the position of the tongue—more specifically, it is controlled by the position of the tongue apex (tip of the tongue) and the tongue body (center of the tongue). As the tongue moves during speech and singing, it will either increase or decrease space inside the mouth. When the tongue is bunched up or lifted close to the roof of the mouth, the space inside the mouth becomes smaller. When the tongue lies flat against the floor of the mouth, the space becomes larger.
Through vocal exercises, the tongue can be trained to sustain specific positions, thereby creating whatever frequencies are desired. These frequencies will contribute to the perceived gender of the voice. This training will also increase control, clarity of pronunciation, and personal style.
Need help getting a handle on R2? Schedule a consultation with us here.
What is R3?
We discussed how resonance in R1 and R2 affects trans voice training in previous articles.In this article, we will discuss R3, the third resonance chamber in the vocal tract.
R3 is primarily controlled in the area between the tongue apex (tip of the tongue) and the teeth and lips. While this resonance chamber will usually produce sounds in the high end of the frequency spectrum, it can drop much lower when the tongue is in retroflexion. Retroflection is when the tongue apex is lifted and bent backwards. This happens during the creation of certain consonants, such as "r."
Precise treatment of consonants in R3 can create a powerful resonance that is used in overtone singing— a rare type of performance where a vocalist sings multiple pitches at the same time. However, for most trans singers, R3 will be an area of fine-tuning. Since the placement of the tongue apex can affect the entire tongue position, R3 can have a domino effect on R2 and R1. Proper use of the tongue apex and lips will allow a singer to access laser sharp resonance, more precise tuning, and clear pronunciation. For this reason, R3 is vital to gaining full vocal expression, and is an important area of study in trans voice training.

Chapter 4. Muscle memory.
Our treatment gives permanent, everlasting relief from puberphonia. We create muscle memory. Muscle memory is a neurological process that allows you to remember certain motor skills and perform them without conscious effort. We’ll help you build vocal awareness and teach you how to apply what you’ve learned, so you can keep your voice controlled and consistent.
Chapter 5. Singing time moves the hand to move the diaphragm.
With abdominal breathing and the raising of the hand, air travels along the movement of the hand. This is similar to muscle memory. This is called cross training. Cross training is key. You don’t need to go to the gym to do some squats to support your skiing posture. You can practise jumping rope to support getting yourself off the ground with a rebound or jump shot. Even if you can’t dive in the pool to practise your strokes, you can do some dips, rows, or butterfly presses to support your training.

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Saturday online workshop 18/02/2023

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Saturday online Puberphonia meeting

Saturday 14th January 2023, 4pm to 6 pm special PONGAL subconscious (brain) training  class. Know you are not alone. 10 ways to overcome challenges life throws at you. Come. Siva ENT Hospital, 159, Lloyds road, Royapettai, Chennai 14. All are free.

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Puberphonia online eradication program

Universal  Treatment for Puberphonia 
29 Oct 2022, Saturday, 5 to 5.30 pm online you tube meeting. SIVA ENT Hospital, 159, Lloyds road, Royapettai, Chennai 14, Cell: 
9841054774.Dr.M.Kumaresan or
All are welcome.

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message from Dubai

Foreign Puberphonia patient required me to train a local ENT surgeon.I am willing to train. Immediately he got a good relief as if the local ENT surgeon know our method of treatment.
God should help us.
Please share with me his/her WhatsApp number so I visit him when he's learned your method. My life is so miserable. I've been suffering from puberphonia for 22 years. I also have difficulty in getting voice out.

Sunday, 11 September 2022

Citation for Muthiah Kumaresan & NavinBharath K

Enriched Thousand Puberphonia/Male talking in female tone patients’ life with ancestral voice by an innovative, non-invasive outpatient treatment in 5 days.


Muthiah Kumaresan 1 Department of Otorhinolaryngology Siva ENT Hospital, 295, Triplicane High road, Triplicane, Chennai, India. 2 Department of OtorhinoLaryngology Saveetha Medical College, Chennai, India. 3. Speech Therapist, Siva ENT Hospital, Chennai, India.  

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Cell – 9841055774  



We followed an innovative, important and relevant method of manipulating the uvula which had given the required low pitch voice in 1000 puberphonia males. 50% of the reported cases had given the history of attempted suicide. The gravity of the problem and the number is so much which is under recognized, less estimated and ignored.  We assess the pitch and confirm the diagnosis and no other test is required. We show them the frequency expected to achieve which gives confidence to the patient at the first consultation itself.

How common is puberphonia?

It is stated that it is a rare problem and annually ENT surgeons see one case per year. We simplified our approach, treatment and got more patients, weakly on an average 3 puberphonia.

Inspiration in developing a new treatment for puberphonia

29 years back one boy committed suicide for making fun of his female voice. We continue to get more puberphonia patents. The structure and function of vocal cords are normal in all puberphonia patients. The Hormone level is normal. We tried and tested all types of conventional treatment. Most of them including surgical thyroplasty is a failure in our hands. 

One day a mother brought her son, 10 years old, for snoring treatment. Mother told me that the boy is snoring like an adult male pitch. Usually boys will have a childish female voice only. In snoring we used to cut the uvula. From that day onwards we tried various snoring techniques of air flow to treat puberphonia.

Pathophysiology behind our new treatment

We have proved that Puberphonia voice is nasal voice and less powerful. Nasal \ sinus resonance treats puberphonia. When these sounds are produced with resonance in the nasal cavity, sound waves vibrate in the nasal cavity, producing a buzzing vibration in the bridge of your nose that can be felt with the fingertips. How do airplanes move upwards and fly? He explained Bernoulli phenomenon in a simple manner. Without wings the flight can't fly upwards! First create an air flow in front of the aircraft. It is divided upwards and downward by the aircraft wings. The upwards air goes in a funnel shape, because of the slope made in the upper surface of the wings. This makes the pressure above the wings less. On the other hand the air moving to the bottom of the wings is more powerful as the bottom of the aircraft wing is flat. This difference in pressure above and below the aircraft automatically lifts the aircraft.

Similar manners the air that enter the nasal cavity from the pharynx, diverted to the sinuses in a forceful manner by the turbinates and create resonance male voice sound.

Why is a new treatment required?

29 years back we have not taken puberphonia as a serious problem. Parents and doctors ourselves felt this as a hormone problem or as a psychological problem but it is not true. Puberphonia makes their life miserable in mingling with society and marriage because others feel that puberphonia boys are having lady character.

Our Method of treating puberphonia

We employ direct voice therapy. While doing an endoscope to examine the larynx, the patient is asked to say a few words with protrusion of tongue, cough, yarn or snore which give a low pitch voice. This results in the change in the air flow and resonance, which is the physiological mechanism that reduces pitch. The selected case is taken to the minor operation theatre. Under xylocaine (10% w/v) spray surface anaesthesia a silk thread is placed in the uvula by suturing or knots, followed by breath of fire or breath training in the theatre itself by ENT surgeon. In the first instance it-self 90% many resume lower pitch voice. We give group voice breathing training as it is a stimulating factor with their treated colleagues. Third day we removed the thread from the uvula. 4th to 21st day they are instructed to do breath of fire home breathing training to continue low pitch voice as a habit. 5% patients resist changing their voice in spite of the effort we put, even after review, probably, we think, due to some other unknown lifestyle or pathology.


Our experience reveals that puberphonia is not a disease, but it is due to mutated pitch resonance of voice. Our clients are able to overcome blocks and pitch break by their new method of air flow in the phonatory tract by activating uvula. They experience their new desired voice and continue to use it. The treatment is done without any surgery in the vocal tract. Most of the clients get the ancestral voice that makes them and us happy! The important conclusion is uvula is an accessory organ for speech, as uvular trill, uvular consonant is brought out. Uvula manipulated resonance treat puberphonia. 

Significant contribution of the person being nominated:

False and myth about puberphonia 

There are a number of proposed causes for the development of Puberphonia, that the etiology of puberphonia can be both organic (biological) and psychogenic (psychological) in nature.

1. Hormonal, similarly at puberty, guys’ bodies begin producing excess hormone called testosterone which causes changes in several parts of the body, including the voice. For starters, a guy’s, also known as the voice box, grows bigger. Examination of these patients should include a complete physical examination including a genital examination also. Secondary sexual characters should be assessed; hypogonadism should be ruled out. Genetic origin, Family history of Puberphonia is proposed. We tested testosterone level 100 cases of Puberphonia as a sample study. Their level from 310 to 675ng/dl.

2. It is not due to psychological. As they are left out of society they are considered as indifferent.

3. It is not due to habitual use. They may try all the ways to break the voice. It is concluded that it is not curable. 

4. Puberphonia boys are not smart and intelligent. They will have a normal life if they are not disturbed by society.

5. It is not due to anatomical reasons in the vocal tract. They are having normal voices, coughing and yawning. 

6. It is not due to neurological. After puberphonia treatment they lead a normal life. 

7. Bad parenting is not the cause for developing pubertphonia. Puberphonia is not a disease, it is a life experience. 

8. It is easily curable by uvula resonance manipulation. Our study concludes that our treatment for puberphonia by an outpatient treatment by uvula manipulation and breath of fire therapy. Not only does it improve the voice, it also improves the personality of puberphonia clients and we provide thorough further knowledge about puberphonia among the society and health professionals. There are many famous people with puberphonia. We believe that you also have the full right and all the necessary qualities and the potential to transform yourself into a fluent confident and an excellent speaker within a short period. We have already proved it several thousand times. The only thing you need is the link with our treatment to cure puberphonia.  

Indian (State wise) and Foreign puberphonia treated clients by the author

1. Tamil Nadu                        663   

2. Pondicherry                        10    

3. Andhra Pradesh                   72     

4. Telangana                            23      

5. Karnataka                            48            

6. Kerala                                 45           

7. Punjab                                22

8. Madhya Pradesh                 34          

9. Rajasthan                            35             

10. Bangladesh                       11

11. Nepal                                  9

12. U.S.A                                 2                          

13. Australia                            6     

14. Srilanka                            10        

15. Jharkant                            10       

TOTAL                               1000  

Number of years working in the field: 29 years. 

First puberphonia 11 cases were treated reported in his published book in 1992.

Puberphonia Impact/Outcome in society: by the work done by the person being nominated: puberphonia treatment relieves all these impacts.

An impact of puberphonia in males includes:

1.Physical health

2.Mental health 

3.Leads to low confidence, self-doubt, anxiety and depression

4.Anxious avoidance behaviour.

5.Obsessive thoughts about self – image

6.Eating disorders like anorexia and binge eating 

7.Delayed or no marriage

8.Live lonely or leave the home 

9.Live with friends 

10.Suicide tendency

Publications on Puberphonia research by the author:

1. “Tholkappiyam Leads Bernoullies Phenomenon in Voice Production and Maintenance, Kumaresan, M. World Classical Tamil Conference, 5-day Summit | June 2010, Coimbatore.

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8. Video of one of a puberphonia treated patients. AHaktHeOEk0. 

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12 ENT Surgeons references: Dr Sudhakar Vaidya Dr G Vyas MP   R D Gardi Medical College and Ujjain Charitable Trust Hospital Ujjain MP India and Dr Anjana A Mohite Department of Otolaryngology  Head  and Neck Surgery Dr D Y Patil University's Medical College Hospital and Research Institute Kolhapur 416006 Maharashtra INDIA had referred Dr M Kumaresans puberphonia research in their articles as a pioneer work


14. M Kumaresan a guide for BSc MSc M Phil and PhD University Students

Research projects completed in virtual   reality training affiliated to Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University

Attachments: Publcations and Books published by the author,

1 .First Edition      :   1992      Clinical and Practical Otorhinolaryngology

2. First Publishing date: January 2017    VIRTUAL REALITY IN HEALTH AND DISEASE

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     Feedback on puberphonia treatment, 

1. Kattesh V. Katti, M.Sc.Ed, PhD, DSC, FRSC, FNAI

Distinguished Curators’ Professor of Radiology and Physics

Margaret Proctor Mulligan Distinguished Chair Professor of Cancer Research

Director, Institute of Green Nanotechnology; Director, University of Missouri Cancer Nanotechnology

Platform, One Hospital Drive, Columbia, Missouri 65212, USA.

It is a good paper. However, in the future, you should publish in high impact journals so that your work gets international recognition. Once we start our collaborations, we will then draft high quality publications in high impact journals.

2. Dr. İsmail İlter Denizoğlu MD. (Creator of Doctor VOX),Otorhinolaryngology,  Head&Neck Surgery Department, İzmir Medical Park Hospital, İzmir, Turkey.    Dear Dr Kumaresan,.The idea of pulling the uvula and phonate is really impressive, Your patient group is huge, which is probably the biggest in the literature  The uvula maneuver is really interesting, I will think about it seriously. I will be happy to cooperate and work together.

3. Dr.Amarendra Vasi Reddy FRCS, Queens Hospital Romford UK. Dear Dr. M.Kumaresan, Very nice, explaining Bernoulli's theory was very good easily understandable for a lay person. Maybe you can consider to give an online talk for half an hour to our Tamil group in UK.

4. Dr.Muhammad Saleem ,FCPS, DLO, MBBS

Head of Department ENT, Head and Neck surgery, Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College,

Faisalabad. Specialist in Endoscopic sinus surgery, CSF leak repair, Phono surgery and Rhinoplasty.

Thank you very much for guidance. I got your point and will do the same in future.

5. Dr Maria du Toit,Clinical lecturer, Faculty of Humanities, Room 3-14, Level 3, Communication ,Pathology Building, University of Pretoria, Private Bag X20, Hatfield 0028, South Africa. 

Thank you for also sharing your research and technique with us. We will go and look at the video as well as your publications to further understand how this technique works. 

We will keep in contact with you. 

Kind regards, 

6. B P International, Third Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH, UK, Fax: +44 20-3031-1429.

Dear Dr.Kumaresan Muthiah, We hereby heartily congratulate you for the publication of your following paper. We appreciate your hard work and sincerity behind the publication of this excellent paper. “An immediate and permanent cure for Puberphonia” in Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research Volume 10 Issue 4 – 2018,We’re happy to inform that your paper has been selected to be included as one of the potential book chapters of the following book. ,Book name:  New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research.

7. Teachers take a break from shouting in class - The Hindu 

15-Dec-2012 — Dr. M. Kumaresan, who engaged the teachers at the day-long seminar, began with the very basics — breathing techniques.

Professionals who employ their voice, such as singers, teachers, actors and politicians, must produce sound from the abdomen rather than the throat, Dr.Kumaresan said.

8. New Indian Express

Use your abdomen to speak, says expert

15-Dec-2012 — Dr M Kumaresan, an ENT expert, gave a lecture and demonstration of the various voice care techniques to a large gathering at the Tamil Nadu ...

Dr M Kumaresan, an ENT expert, gave a lecture and demonstration of the various voice care techniques. “The main factor for any voice change is not infection, but use, misuse and abuse of voice,” he added. So, what is the secret behind a good voice? “Instead of using throat muscles, use the abdomen for speaking,” he exhorts.

9. Dr.Sudhakar Vaidya, Dr. G. Vyas(MP), and Dr. Anjana A Mohite

Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Dr D Y Patil University’s Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Kolhapur-416006, Maharashtra, INDIA, 

Had referred Dr.M.Kumaresan’s puberphonia research in their articles as a pioneer work.

     Details of Other Awards or Honours’ Received by the Nominee/ author.

(a). Highest Award To Dr.M.Kumaresan at NSTL.Visakapatnam



.... for contributions on Ear, Nose and Throat

NSTL, Visakhapatnam, A.P. * 22 December 2008

Now International Research Institute for the Deaf is running in a floor of Siva ENT Hospital, where research work is carried out. His love for Physics is reflected in his books on medicine and medical profession. 

(b) Invited Speaker for the Satellite Symposium at Tokyo in 1983

(c) Preliminary lecture- Aetiology of Otitis Media in the 3rd World at Seoul in 1983 

(d) Guide for Zonal Conference award at Mysore in 1984.

(e) Best ENT Surgeon, South Zone ENT Conference of India, Kolar, 1985.

(f) Dr.Kumaresan received national e-mark award in the year1986.

(g) He received Paediatric ENT surgeon award in the year1990.

(h)  He also received Santhanammal award in the year 1990. 

(i) Gold Medal Paper in First APOI conference in 1994. 

(i) He received First Prize for Medical book written in National Language by Tamil Nadu Gevernment 1996 and 1997 for two medical books. 

(j) Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology presented him Science Popularization award in the year 2002.

(k)  Acoustical Foundation for Education and Charitable Trust presented Silver Medal for his outstanding contribution as an ENT surgeon in 2007.


(m) “I am a Innovator” pin presented by American Medical Association in 2022.

Dr.Kumaresan is life Member of (1) Association of ENT(National),(2) Equilibriometric Society (International),(3)Phoniatric Society (International),(4) Logopeedic Society(International), (5)Indian Medical Association ,(6)Indian Rhinology Society, (7) Otoneurology Society (National),(8)Founder Member of Neurotology (National),(9)Founder Member of Association of Paediatric Otolaryngitis of India,(10)International Association of Laryngectomy & Phoniatric (Switzerland),(11)International Chest Physician (UK),(12) Politzer Society (USA) and full member of Acoustical Society of America (USA) Dr. Kumaresan is Fellow of National and International Societies:(13)Indian Council of Science (14)International Voice Association (Hungary),(15)Royal Society of Health (London),(16)Acoustical Foundation for Education and Charitable Trust.


This treatment is a pathway of creating new ideas in treating puberphonia / boys talking in a female tone. Voice of a man resembling a woman, may not be either a disease or a medical deficiency in the common parlor, but considering the effect of such inherent defect causing mental trauma, and making their future, a big question mark, particularly among the younger generation. It has been taken as a challenge and is able to remove such defects, thus silently doing a revolution in the field of Medical Science and has cured nearly 1000 patients, which is a marvelous achievement. The main objectives are awareness, identification, diagnosis, evaluation, data collection, and treatment; follow up and thereby eradication of puberphonia from the society. This topic is new and important to the prospective medical students, residents, specialists, fellow, ENT specialists, and generalists because it is a specific, relevant common condition of an unknown aetiology.