Monday, 18 November 2019

Upset by puberphonia

The incidence of puberphonia in general population is more than we expect. The most common symptoms include pitch breaks, childish voice,hoarseness, breathiness, difficulty in vocal projection, and visible laryngeal muscle tension.
  Puberphonia can be compared with iceberg example, because Puberphonia is an iceberg, iceberg means that only 10% of the problem is on the surface and the other 90% is hidden underwater like deep-rooted psychological & emotional disorder, and by the treatment of this it can be ccured.
  Parents commonly neglect this disease, and they think that it will be automatically corrected, but in this, the boy suffers the most because their peers laugh at them, everyone makes fun of them, do mimicry of  them, and due to this they feel humiliated.
   From their social life, their mind gets disturbed, their confidence gets disturbed, they have low self-esteem, they do not want to go in front of people, they don’t want to sit in a group of people, everyday they feel that there is something missing in them, if they want to say something they stop themselves because they think that if they speak they might be identified as puberphonia, people will laugh at them, others will make fun of me and won’t listen to me like this. Such boys have many psychological issues and they are emotionally disturbed due to puberphonia.
     Now will talk about its implications, it doesn’t have any physical, but there are dangerous psychological & emotional implication of Puberphonia, A boy himself from inside suffocates, and he becomes helplessness, and they are unable to understand that what to do & what not.              Puberphonia is not just a speech disorder; it’s a serious communication problem, is not motivating throughout work, they don’t have the motivation to meet people,
Confusion, excessive thinking, nervousness, loneliness, infinity complex, introvert nature, low self – esteem, lack of confidence, fear of failure, fear of rejections, anxiety, tension, stress, sadness.

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