Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Life force for speech/puberphonia

Before we dive into how to cure puberphonia in your voice, let’s quickly explore what it actually is.

Resonance is really what we’re all striving for in our voice. It’s what we want.

It’s that deep full reverberating sound.

But don’t fall into the trap and think that volume equals resonance, because it doesn’t. Resonance from your voice is not forced. You don’t have to use extra air and risk cracking your voice which can happen if you try to speek too loud.

This is where the importance of puberphonia training the comes in. The sound created at vocal cords flot in the air and comes out from laryngopharynx to oropharynx.On it's way it is divided to right and left by uvula to increase it's strength.Automatically it attaches air from the nosopharynx.The divided forceful air circulate in the mouth.It gets the life.Anything moves,it is, speech is produced.(My, original finding,cytoplasm circulate and get life).

Your head and chest are your two registers and resonators. The third resonator is your pharynx.

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