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concept of UMAR

UMAR contents; (Uvula manipulation and resonance (UMAR) treatment for puberphonia)
------------------Dr.M.Kumaresan,Dr.K.Navin Bharath, kumaresan@doctor.com9841055774
1. How I do UMAR treatment, (a) Fast track of achieving the voice to low pitch
(b) Get the conditioned reflex on recognizing the ancestor voice and practice breath of fire to habituate it.
2. UMAR changes the biomechanical and physical process of the phonatory apparatus and understands the whole mechanism of UMAR.
3. How I discovered the importance of uvula in puberphonia, (a) Recognized the pharynx connection to the ear, by seeing the Surasa with Hanuman in Suchindrum Thanu Malaya Swami Temple(அனுமனின் பயணத்தில் அடுத்த இடையூறு வடிவில் வந்த சுராசா ,அனுமன் திடீரென தனது உருவத்தைச் சுருக்கி வாயில் புகுந்து காது வழியாக வெளியே வந்து ஆகாயத்தில பறந்து விடுகிறான்). and by probing the a thennan keetu ( a malleable stick) in to the ear of yali at the temple(தமிழனின் சிற்ப கலையின் அதிசயம்.....!!!குச்சியை சிலையின் ஒரு காது வழியே விட்டு, மறுகாது வழியாக வெளியே எடுக்கலாம்..!இடம் : சுசீந்திரம் )in my school days.
4. My experience of sex identification of lady boys at Bhataya beach at Thailand.
5. Experience in teaching voice care for teachers at Teachers training College students with Yoga teacher Dr.H.Balachander and Swami Ravichandran of Thiruvannamalai , practicing breath of fire (குண்டலியோகம் அல்லது ராஜ யோகம் அல்லது கிரியா யோகம் அல்லது லய யோகம் )and learning Tholkappium (தொல்காப்பியம் )and Avaiyar Agaval (ஔவையார் பாடிய விநாயகர் அகவல்).
6. Recognizing the importance of resonance by bathing in river Thamaravarni at Thirunelveli Sanku Mandabam (தாமிரபரணி ஆற்றின் நடுவே கல் மண்டபம் ஒன்று இருக்கிறது, அதுதான் வெள்ள அபாயத்தை முன்னரே அறிவிக்கும் சங்கு கல் மண்டபம்).
7. Recognizing the importance of my own work after follow up references by two ENT doctors, an IAS officer and my 5 International ENT publications.
That means, there is tons of Indian literature that needs further scientific exploration.
Chapter II
UMAR contents; (Uvula manipulation and resonance (UMAR) treatment for puberphonia)
1. How I do UMAR treatment, (a) Fast track of achieving the voice to low pitch
(b) Get the conditioned reflex on recognizing the ancestor voice and practice breath of fire to habituate it.
a. Fast track of achieving the voice to low pitch
The important is in the follow up, continuously for 3 days without any break.
1. How I do UMAR treatment, (a) Fast track of achieving the voice to low pitch
Patient was called nil by mouth six hours before the procedure. The selected case is taken to the minor operation theatre. Procedure was done in the supine position. Under xylocaine (10% w/v) spray surface anesthesia a silk thread is placed in the uvula by suturing or knots. Treatment method we employ is direct voice therapy and the patient was asked to phonate a long r, K or la (ழ) with breath of fire breathing training.
The procedure was repeated 3-4 times in a single sitting. Immediate dramatic improvement in voice quality was noted on the treatment table. Most of the patients were completely happy with their new ancestral voice . We give group training from the first day onwards as it is a stimulating factor with treated colleagues.
Uvula manipulation
Happy puberphonia treated boy
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Uvula manipulation & Happy puberphonia boy and Dr.M.Kumaresan

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Talks + Understand by the listeners

Much more confident to talk!
1.Speaking slowly will actually lessen pronunciation mistakes, increase clarity, and will leave your listeners happy.
2.Move their mouth when they speak. Sounds require a lot of mouth movement.
3.Turn up your volume and speak louder so that others can actually hear what you are saying.

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uvua the speech organ

We can improve focus, improve relationships, identify our hidden abilities, increase self-discipline and give the gifts we find in ourselves to the world.I should prove uvula sa a speech organ that aids in treating puberphonia.Words begin in the uvulo phryngeal junction.

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Puberphonia, treat early

Tamil Nadu reports the highest number of death by suicide after Maharastra. Tamil Nadu took the second after Maharshtra with 13,439 cases. " Each suicide is a personal tragedy that prematurely takes the life of an individual and has a continuing ripple effect, dramatically affecting the life of families, friends and communities".(NCRP).Last year Tamil Nadu 13,439 number of suicide reported, include 8 members of the third gender. The age groups 18 to 48 and educated. Ended their lives due to family problems, could not endure the death of their dear ones, due to marriage issues, unable to handle complications arising out of love affairs, drug abuse and addiction to alcohol. Sneha offer unconditional support for the distressed, depressed and unhappiness cases .We help and cure puberphonia.