Saturday 25 April 2020

origin of language/Tamil letters

The origins of spoken language:
In 1861, historical linguist Max Müller published a list of speculative theories.
1.Bow-wow. The bow-wow or cuckoo theory, which Müller attributed to the German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder, saw early words as imitations of the cries of beasts and birds.
2.Pooh-pooh. The pooh-pooh theory saw the first words as emotional interjections and exclamations triggered by pain, pleasure, surprise, etc.
3.Ding-dong. Müller suggested what he called the ding-dong theory, which states that all things have a vibrating natural resonance, echoed somehow by man in his earliest words.
4.Yo-he-ho. The yo-he-ho theory claims language emerged from collective rhythmic labor, the attempt to synchronize muscular effort resulting in sounds such as heave alternating with sounds such as ho.
. 5.Ta-ta. This did not feature in Max Müller's list, having been proposed in 1930 by Sir Richard Paget. According to the ta-ta theory, humans made the earliest words by tongue movements that mimicked manual gestures, rendering them audible.

6.???....2020.Air movements are plotted in the paper,that represents spoken language.   
Origin of letters/sound/wards/speech.
Tamil letters shape depends on movement of air in the mouth.
சுயம்பு - The tamil word have 7 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
chuympu means 
1. freedom from the control , influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. 
2. not mixed or adulterated; pure
3. oddity; singularity; eccentricity. 
4. the natural world as it exists without human beings or civilization . 
5. divine character or nature , especially that of the Supreme Being; divinity.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Puberphonia Eradication Research

In puberphonia Vocal cord is normal.So no treatment needed there.No problem in the phonatory stricture.So no treatment needed for the strutural change.Problem is only in the air flow and speech signal change in the phonatery stricture.Speech signals to detect emotions embedded in them.To explain our new succesful treatment for puberphonia need the study of the intencity of air flow, Databases for speech air flow recognition can be investigated in three parts:
Acted (Simulated) speech airflow databases
Elicited (Induced) speech airflow databases
Natural speech airflow databases.
I want an air flow signal meter.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

tracing the origin of language

The newness of old things.
          The trdition of all the dead generations weighs like night mare on the brain of the living-Karl Mark 1852.
The oposition between the pure cen-tamil and the bent or vulgar kochai-tamil is realizedin oral utteranceby prticular human activity.These utterancesreflects the4 specific conditions and goals of each such areas not only through their content,thematic style and compositional stricture.
          The first speech, representing sounds primarily through symbols and descriptions.They sound is an integral part of the story,pronunciation is a unique event that really needs sound aspart of the presentation. 
           With recent puberphonia treatment innovations of delivereing the voice by uvula resonance manipulation ,the birth and growth of the language, the letters, the rules, the sound variations and the origin of special characters, symbols for Tamil representation, and coinage of words have also been tried to dealt with.

4/14/2020,Research on puberphonia

Our 5th original research paper on puberphonia in the International ENT Journal..
     " I'd like to inform that your manuscript entitled " New Concept For Uvula Manipulation To Treat Puberphonia: JOENTR-20-RA-645" has passed unique content-91% and accepted for further peer review process. Attached you'll find athenticate report for your article to confirm its acceptance. Also I request you to provide cover letter and COI (Conflict of Interest) to move ahead."