Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Zoom meeting invitation

Habits can transform our life completely?
                Think,that you want it,you will get it.
    Connect with Someone You Love Every Day.
This is a simple habit that will instantly and dramatically improve your quality of life.Humans are inherently social creatures and, despite the massive technological advancements we’ve recently experienced, we are more disconnected and solitary than ever before.Everyday  you to connect with Zoom, someone you like and it automatically charge you good health.
    Dr.M.Kumaresan invite to join zoom at 6 pm daily your friends, sit down with coffee with your friend,  spend at least 1 hour a day really connecting with people that you care about.
Just say something that will make all happy and help you relax.
Good friends give you happiness.Bad friends give you experience.Worst friends give a lession.Best friends give you memories.
    Your mind, body, and spirit will be happy.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Puberphonia Eradication program advisor

I am sure you are aware of the puberphonia eradication advicers Certification platform. We request you to visit the same here, register, explore, and learn. Not only does that provide you A.I.-driven coaching, but it also has a community where you can share your mantras of greatness in eradicating puberphonia.. 

We have an additional gift for you- our book Manager Mantras: You may reply to this mail and I will send you the e-book for your further registration.
Dr.M.Kumaresan 9841055774

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Puberphonia, nerve + air.

Coordination in the onset and release of sound necessory to treat puberphonia.
One of the very first technical skills to be mastered is that of coordinated onset and release of sound. McKinney (1994, pp. 78–79) describes three segments of speech tone, namely the phases of –
• attacca, attack (or onset) starting in the mind of a singer;
• sustention that should be steady and consistent; and
• release that should occur instantaneously and precisely.
Sell (2005, p. 110) believes that equilibrium in onset and release is the result of laryngeal muscle balance and elasticity and also refers to the role that the Bernoulli Effect (airflow causing suction) plays in the phonatory process.
McKinney (1994, p. 76) describes the two theories of how vocal fold vibration is initiated, namely the myoelastic (or muscle elasticity) theory and the 2-47aerodynamic (or air action) theory. The only difference between these theories is the factor credited to bring the vocal folds together – muscle tension according to the myoelastic theory and the Bernouilli Effect according to the
aerodynamic theory.
Sell (2005, pp. 111–112) distinguishes three types of onset, namely –
• The hard attack,( also called coup de glotte, colpo di glottide and Glottisschlag,) characterised by violent action from the vocal
muscles and also called the 'glottal plosive' leading to vocal abuse;
• The soft onset characterised by the flow of breath before sound
production which may give rise to breathy phonation impeding
clear, rich resonance; and
• The balanced onset or dynamic muscle equilibrium (Miller, 1986, p.
4) where pre-phonatory tuning takes place and is regarded as the main voluntary contribution to the control of the larynx for speech.
The mastery of balanced onset and release of sound ultimately encourages equilibrium and discipline in breathing (Sell, 2005, p. 112).
 I consider clear vocal onset and release as the foundation for free and resonant sound production.

Puberphonia/Appreciated by

Message from Mr.Kunaraj.3.4.2020
Doctor, your article that records your subtle knowledge. Barathi's illusion of the virtual world applies to their virtual research. My thinking about themselves is sparkling.
I would like to congratulate you all who love and care for the good work of medicine in the life that you have devoted to it.
You live! Emman, all over this country,
Multiplying and not drowning
Sensing and creating innovative solutions
Kumaresa, who glows day by day in the service of humanity, you live! Hail!

Friday, 3 April 2020

Saturday LIVE

Tomorrow (Saturday, 5th April 2020) please join us for a Facebook LIVE meet at 4:00 pm on the topic ”Review of Tamil Literature & Health” by Dr. Lalitha Sunadaram PhD and Mr. Naachil Nadarajan with Dr.M.Kumaresan MS ENT.