Saturday, 30 November 2019

Puberphonia research

SFurther research in Puberphonia
    I like to use the capsule endoscope, consists of a small, wireless, pill-sized camera that can be kept in the throat and allows direct visualization of the all the parts involved in speech.
    The camera is fed through the patient’s nose and positioned just above the throat. Once the camera is in place, patients can talk. With real-time throat images from the camera,puberphonia boys can learn to control their throat’s effect on breathing.We can also monitor it.
    This novel approach that involves visual biofeedback, training in specific breathing techniques, and feedback regarding performance.They can see the mechanical changes in the throat, almost all of these boys have thoughts during talking that are working against wish. Therapeutic laryngoscopy during talking creates an opportunity to address both mechanical issues and performance psychology issues,
    Siva ENT hospital will dedicate exclusively to groundbreaking medical research and treatment of boys with puberphonia disorders.



Breath of fire

Breath of fire in puberphonia treatment.
      Buberphonia boys is instructed in inhaling or “sniffing in” through the nose and exhaling gently through pursed lips.                      Attention is given to abdominal expansion during inhalation and abdominal relaxation during exhalation.
      We give feedback, visual imaging techniques are taught as a method of keeping the vocal cords open during rapid breathing. These include visualizing the throat being as wide open during inhalation.
       Control breathing include an open jaw and relaxed-tongue position while concentrating on diaphragmatic breathing.
       These exercises are initially instituted in breathing, and finally during speaking.

Puberphonia, breath

Puberphonia/practice abdominal breathing
    Clavicular / intercostal breathing create tension in neck and larynx. This contributes to laryngeal tightness and spasm. Diaphragmatic breathing :results in a relaxed shoulder girdle and abdominal expansion.