Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Our new findings in puberphonia

Few of our points

1. Medical and media correction-Under topic DYSPHONIA, puberphonia need not come under psychogenic cause’s .A separate cause should be titled "Improper doer": Under this puberphonia and stammering.

2. Puberphonia boys make low pitch voice while yarning and coughing-given in the WIKIPEDIA. , along with that while snoring-to be added.

3. After our treatment they get the ancestral voice, because we are doing no change in the vocal cord. This ancestral voice regaining almost avoid recurrence.

This information and awareness may be required.

Now I am going to teach Physiotherapist and Speech therapist to treat puberphonia by wearing a denture with a moving uvula-fit temporarily for few hours for practice.

How can we give and spread this message?

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