Wednesday, 12 February 2020

V C is sound box/mouth is speech box

At the level of vocal cords air from the lung is loaded with noise energy only.Noise filled air travel in the pharynx and enter the mouth with additional air from all pharyngeal orifices.
The shape, length, and volume of the entire mouth chamber can be modified by the constrictive action of the muscles enclosing the mouth, and the movement of the tongue.By the raised position of the velum nasopharynx closes, which, when raised the uvula comes out in erected posture.Erected and elongated uvula divide the air filled with sound energy right and left and enter in to the mouth.
Mouth is closed by the lips.
In the mouth the air pressure increases.Noise filled air circulate inside the mouth.Get more energy.A a result, it is in the mouth that the voice pattern (distinctive voice quality) of an individual person is formed.
This is my new idea.We have to prove it.

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