Monday, 17 February 2020

Further research on pharyngeal resonance manipulation training in puberphonia treatment

Dear Sir,
      I am a retd professor of ENT from Stanley Medical College in Chennai.  So far, we have treated 570 cases of Puberphonia by our new technique of pharyngeal resonance manipulation which produces excellent results in one day. We continue, breath of fire breathing techniques for a few days to make it as a habit. We are yet to understand the science behind it.
Yours being a premier research institution in Physics, I request that some of your students may be entrusted with the project of elucidating the science behind it, as it is a totally new area of research.
Herewith I am enclosing video of one of the treated patients and a copy of my international publication.
Prof. Dr. M. Kumaresan MS(DLO), ENT Surgeon.
Cellular / Handphone: +91 9841055774

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