Tuesday, 3 December 2019

A request for modelling

Dear I T Friends, 
         I want modelling of throat.
     Subject: 1.Correcting female voice in men to enable them to speak properly (puberphonia) as a male and this involves talking the voice spectrum before and after correction and then performance of various age groups
2. Muscle tension, during speech processing.
3. Modeling based on 510 videos.
4. Statically modeling
5. Voice physiology and bio mechanics
Object.    Puerphonia     voice correction – applying spectrum analysis and computer modeling. 
         Modeling of mandible, tongue, soft palate, uvula, before and after correction.
         Pharyngeal, oral, nasal, sinus, larynx, chest, abdomen, whole body resonance before and after correction.
          I got data for 510 patients. I have also interest in optimization pharynx and larynx vocal cord, uvula, jaw.
You can see our video from youtube puberphonia or dr.kumaresan/puberphonia.
            We request your assistance in building this model.
Thanking you,

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