Friday, 4 October 2019

Research on Puberphonia

Is Puberphonia commen?
   The incidence of puberphonia in general population is more than we think.
In a family one can be, grades different.
    The most common symptoms include pitch breaks, hoarseness, breathiness, difficulty in vocal projection, and visible laryngeal muscle tension.
              Hidden features.
    Boys aloneness,not mingle with others,not willing for further graduation, jobs & even marriage.
     Who puberphonic report using safety behaviors, and their use is associated with pretreatment fear of negative evaluation and unhelpful thoughts about puberphonia.                 
      Our results suggest that the negative effects of safety behaviors may extend to those who puberphonic, and further research we are doing on treated 490 cases as on 4.10.2019, to day.

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