Tuesday, 22 October 2019

New research in SIVA

We in SIVA ENT hospital doing a study on the importance uvula in male voice.We like to measure the air flow around the uvula.
We hope;Bernoulli's principle play a role.,aircraft to achieve lift.
In their 2004 paper , Coatesworth and his colleagues present a new theory that lends credence to the uvula's significance as an organ of speech.
Galan (122–199 AD) believed that the uvula was important in speech and contributed to the beauty of the voice. In modern times, many theories have also been put forward with regards to the role of the uvula in speech: the uvula prevents excessive nasality of the voice by controlling resonance of the air column over the larynx; the uvula is important in the production of uvular sounds present in French, Arabic and some West African languages and palatal trill found in some parts of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

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