Saturday, 27 April 2019

Puberphonia awareness programs for Pubic and Students

                 Puberphonia awareness programs for Pubic and Students

       The idea was to bring about awareness on the role treatment of puberphonia for the benefit of all.

One major project
    Is to be an effective catalyst in social accepted life for puberphonia boys after treatment.

Mission: Is to promote the availability of early treatment by a simple pharyngeal resonance manipulation. No operation, no medicine required.

1.     Dedicated to treat puberphonia because we believe that everyone has a social responsibility towards the wellbeing of the boys and the whole world.
2.      Main goals are to preserve boy’s male voice.- to strengthen the bond between male and female.

To promote awareness of the treatment

We believes that real progress in family and social binding is the sincere partnerships based on the given male and female voice and mutual family relation with local communities, organizations and citizens, especially young people.
As a citizen volunteer

1. Join the movement in your area/ Start a movement in your area.
For more information.
2.  Arrange for / enroll for a friendship with SIVA ENT Hospital.
3. Survey puberphonia in your area.
4. Report abuse of puberphonia boys.
5. Our volunteers are available to assist you in your area and facilitate programs and connect.

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